Sun Angels – Hemma︎, cover design and art direction, 2019, for Lyxliv︎, with Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr.︎

Agency Travel by Ilja Karilampi

, exhibition graphics, Husslehof, Frankfurt, DEU, 2019, for Ilja Karilampi︎, with Axel Petersén and Ira Shalit

Natural Sciences, radio cover designs and art direction, 2018, with 

S.A Mayer︎

and Kobayashi Ikki︎

The Revolution Will Be Stopped Halfway: Oscar Niemeyer in Algeria︎

, book design, inverted book cloth cover with interior alternating spreads of glossy and uncoated paper, 208 pages, 9 × 11 inches, 2019, with MTWTF︎, published by Columbia GSAPP︎